02 February 2010

Pretty BA if you ask me

I took my asvab today. I'm not gonna lie, I feel pretty BA today. But, I didn't at first. I was stressed, I was bitchy (okay suuuper bitchy). Then when I got the score, I wasn't thrilled. I got a 91 on my pre-test. So, being me, I wanted and even planned on getting a better score. So I was a little disappointed in my 88.

I started feeling a little better when he told me it was good. Still not better. When the other girl with me told me she also got an 88. Still not great, but better. When they told me I missed the nuclear engineering score by just 15 points. Okay, we're getting there. When Justine said it was BA. That's when I started feeling amazing.

I have a few issues to deal with before it can go further. But there's a good chance that I am going... eek!


  1. You are so awesome girl!! I told Austin you got an 88 and he goes "man, she did better than half my platoon!" I guess some guys only got 30s when they took it a while ago. You did damn good and it'll pay off. I'm so proud of you! Go celebrate with some ice cream.

  2. youre amazing private wizard... i mos def couldnt pull off a score like that... now do what justine said and get some ice cream... a lot of ice cream! hahaha... *evil grin* :)

  3. Just want you to know that I think you are amazing.... that is all