08 February 2010

Facebook Rant...

I've seen this rant before. I think it was on Ashley Unscripted. But its driving me bat shit crazy now.

All those copy/paste things that I've been seeing around are getting annoying. 'Copy/Paste this if you love your mom!' My mom knows I love her. My mother is one of my best friends. And oh yea, she doesn't even have facebook, so what's the point in that? 'Copy/Paste this if you have an amazing hubby that will do anything for you!' Um thank for rubbing it in fuckers. That one bugs me the most. I don't have a hubby or husband or anything of the sort. So rubbing yours in my face? Yea thats pretty shitty.

The latest one that I saw 'For valentines day change your default to a picture of you and your significant other and say how long you've been together.' Really? Because I don't hate valentines enough. Now you wanna force me to remember that its coming up. Awesoooome. Not.

I guess I just don't see the point in these things. To broadcast to the world what we have? Isn't that a sign of feeling inferior to others? Isn't it just enough to know what you have? Or is it completely necessary to rub it in peoples faces that you may or may not have something more/ better than them?

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  1. Clearly I don't follow those status things... probably cause I never figure them out. Anyway I think I will make one that says repost this if you think Colleen is amazing... everyone would do that. haha <3 you!