11 February 2010

Facebook Rant.. Part 2

Anyone get the new facebook homepage. I think by now you all probably have. If my dad has, then you have. I've come to terms with the fact that facebook can't keep things the way they are and every couple months (like 14ish?) they roll out a new look. And thats fine. Some change is inevitable. I've even come to terms with the fact that this "simplified" home page is anything but. What was the point in putting the chat list off to the left like that? And our book marked apps? Also, I don't like that notifications pop up on the bottom left. Why? Was that necessary? And they flipped where the home button was. Again, why? Is this some feng shui for webpages? Is it for some positive qi (thank you wikipedia for that word!)? If that's the case, where can I find the books on this? What's that? You don't think there are any written? Brilliant! There's my money making scheme, feng shi a la facebook (and yes I realize I just combined Chinese and French, its my blog I'll do it if I please)! Oh what's that? You don't like the new facebook. Crap. Well I never liked Mrs. Harper down the streets decorating, but it was done according to feng shui.. huh?

But, here's the real issue I have with the new facebook. They came out with this new layout prematurely. It's not running well. The News Feed chooses a random group of friends (I think it was 25? or 250?... either way) and it only shows that. And if I didn't have the wonderful ladies of CW I wouldn't have any idea how to rectify that (you go to the bottom of the feed, click options and change whatever number is there to like 5000 and it will put everyone that you have). And I am so over constantly getting the "oops something went wrong.. we're working on fixing it" pop-up. I'm not kidding. This morning I put my computer away because I was so frustrated with it. I can't get anything done. I was trying to look at someone's new profile picture. But, they couldn't do it because I kept getting that pop-up. Tonight, I was trying to look at someone's new photo album they posted, and I couldn't because nothing would load. I don't understand how they can just roll out this new thing before they have it in full working order.

I mean, I understand some glitches. Its bound to happen, we're all human. But, for it to be going this wrong makes me think if the facebook developers are getting lazy?

Oh and I tried to find a way to contact them about this mess... yea the "contact us" button, it doesn't exist. And check your privacy settings, mine went ten different kinds of wonky after this change....


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