20 September 2010


So, I'd like to say life is going fabulously and I just have my moments. That's not exactly the truth. Life is good. My classes are going well. And I really like the online format, now that I am focused on what I really want to do (write.. duh). But, the area that is getting me down is finances. Am I broke? Not exactly. But, I will be very soon.

I took that job up in Orange County, with the intention of moving up there. But, as it turns out, it was costing me more to work up there then I was making. And, I couldn't afford to move. So, I had to quit. We're still not sure if this is going to ruin my unemployment claim. I'm currently waiting to hear from them and find out.

And, yes, I did get a job. The one I interviewed for the day I moved back down here. The teacher's aide position. But, it still hasn't started. Its been over two weeks. I'm ready to start working. The problem too, is that you only get paid once a month. So, at this rate, I won't get a paycheck for another 6 weeks. Talk about stressful!

So, my mom just told me to be careful what I write on my blog. That "the Navy might see it." Who gives a fuck? Seriously. Hopefully, they do see it, and they do see how frustrated I am with the crappy way this whole thing has been handled. Isn't there such a thing as free speech? I'm not writing anything bad. I'm not releasing any secrets. I'm writing, about my life. I'm doing exactly what I want to do for a career. Write. Actually, the more and more I write about this, the more and more frustrated I get.

I can understand not posting drunk pictures on Facebook. That makes sense. Because, really, who wants to hire a drunken mess? But, there's nothing on here about "oh I was so drunk this weekend." No. Because, that's not me. This is me, writing about my life. Take it or leave it.

If the Navy has a problem with this, then maybe I don't want to enlist?

14 September 2010

I don't like myself

I don't mean for this to sound all emo. Because it's really not supposed to. But, I'm really starting to hate myself. There are certain parts of, well me, that are holding me back from the things I really want in life. And I can't stand myself for it. More often than not, I want to cry.

And before you start in with the whole "get over it" thing. I can't. Its one of those things you can't just get over. In fact, the thought of just "getting over it" sends me into a panic.

I wish I could just do something about this. Because, tonight, is one of those bad nights where I just hate myself for this affliction.

06 September 2010

look forward and never forget

I hate that I am thinking about writing a positive post, in the light of everything that is happening. But, I will never forget what has happened to my dear, dear friends. And I don't want the gravity of the situation to be forgotten.

Things have been going pretty well since I got home (aside from the tragedies that have crushed us all). I moved back home on Thursday afternoon. I had a job interview on Friday morning. It was for a TA position at the school that my aunt's have worked in for years and years. My brother did the same job a few years back. I asked for prayers for this on facebook. Only because the job is a downgrade in pay. But, it forces me to be in school. You have to be enrolled in 6 units per semester. It is a job that would force me to use my brain. Way more than the last brainless job I had.

I went for the interview. And it helped knowing that my Aunt's were friends with the teachers, it helped me relax and not be as shy. So, I went in and talked. And I guess they liked me. They hired me on the spot. But, now, I have to wait to do fingerprinting and paperwork and all that. It's not a big deal. I just hate waiting.

I'm excited. It would be helping kids (high schoolers) with their work. And when I have down time, I get to do my own work. Its a good setup.

Here's to hoping things are getting better.

04 September 2010

Gut wrenching Pain

My heart is hurting today. Gut wrenching pain. There are certain things in this world that we all wish we could fix. That we wish we could make go away.

My heart aches for a friend of mine. She found out on Thursday that the love of her life, her boyfriend was killed in Afghanistan. Justine texted me to tell me, the moment she found out. All I could say to her was "I don't understand. I don't get it." Over and over and over. You see, Chrissy is one of the most amazing women I have ever had the privilege of speaking to knowing. She is nice and sweet to everyone that she comes across. I can't remember a negative word ever coming from her. So after I stopped repeating that I didn't understand, I started asking "why Chrissy? Why Josh? Why them? It's not fair."

I have never questioned the things God has done. I'm not kidding. Even with the divorce I always assumed there was some reason. But this, this I just don't get. Why would God do this to them? I really wish I had an answer, but I don't know that any of us ever will.

We are all a part of this amazing group of women who in less than 24 hours after finding out, had raised over $1000 for her. Women who aren't even active on the site any longer were chipping in. There are no words for that kind of heart and giving. We may have our differences, but boy when we need to, we can get it together.

This life isn't fair. The military life sucks. I hate that this had to happen.

Please please, if anything comes of this, don't forget to tell those around you how much you love them and how grateful you are for them.

I wish I could give her one more call, one more hug, one more kiss... something from him. Anything. I wish she didn't hurt like this.

Chrissy, I wish I could take your pain away. All of us girls want to put our arms around. We want to be there with you and scream and yell and do whatever you need to do. If you need anything at all, I am here for you. Please do not hesitate to ask. <3

01 September 2010


That didn't go well.

I tried to find a new recruiter. Note, tried. You see. I called 411 and asked for the Navy recruiter in Mira Mesa, CA. I KNOW there is one there. The lady tells me she doesn't have a listing. But, she says "how about San Diego?" Okay, I can drive a bit. "Okay I'll send you to the first one." She connects me.

Guy answers "World's Finest Navy.. blah blah blah." So I give him the schpiel. Explain to him that I already have a recruiter. And everything going on; knees, migraine, amazing asvab.

He responds. I hear his accent. OH. SHIT.

So I ask him "you're in Escondido huh?" Yuuuuup. Fuck.

He knew exactly who I was. How do I cover this up? I don't. I apologize- profusely. Tell him I wasn't trying to do anything and that I was extremely frustrated with my recruiter. And not necessarily that I was still waiting, but that I had no communication and he lost my number-twice. You see, it wasn't my direct recruiter. Nope. It was his boss. So I totally ended up calling out my recruiter to his boss.

I won't be showing my face (or calling) around there any time soon....