01 September 2010


That didn't go well.

I tried to find a new recruiter. Note, tried. You see. I called 411 and asked for the Navy recruiter in Mira Mesa, CA. I KNOW there is one there. The lady tells me she doesn't have a listing. But, she says "how about San Diego?" Okay, I can drive a bit. "Okay I'll send you to the first one." She connects me.

Guy answers "World's Finest Navy.. blah blah blah." So I give him the schpiel. Explain to him that I already have a recruiter. And everything going on; knees, migraine, amazing asvab.

He responds. I hear his accent. OH. SHIT.

So I ask him "you're in Escondido huh?" Yuuuuup. Fuck.

He knew exactly who I was. How do I cover this up? I don't. I apologize- profusely. Tell him I wasn't trying to do anything and that I was extremely frustrated with my recruiter. And not necessarily that I was still waiting, but that I had no communication and he lost my number-twice. You see, it wasn't my direct recruiter. Nope. It was his boss. So I totally ended up calling out my recruiter to his boss.

I won't be showing my face (or calling) around there any time soon....


  1. Well good!!! If your recruiter was going a crappy job, the boss should know about it! At least that's how I feel. I hope that it maybe jump starts things though!

  2. Exactly what Em, said. If your recruiter was doing a piss poor job of being in touch with you about what is going on, then you need to go over his head. You will probably have to deal with BS like that in the Navy anyway, so might as well get used to it now.

    Maybe now that his boss knows, he will get his crap in gear and get you some freaking information!

  3. I agree with Em. I mean, if he was sucking at life, and not doing his job, then you should have gone over his head. That's how it works. If you aren't getting answers, and nothing is getting done, then you go up the line until someone gets something done. Maybe someone should kick his butt in gear.

    But now that you aren't calling there, and aren't going there, you can't blame the Navy for not getting anything done. If you don't push them, they will forget about you.