25 August 2010

Navy Question. Help!

I have a lot of military friends around. So I had a question, and its kind of a matter of opinion.

So 3 months ago, back in May, MEPS had some issue or another with my knee. We thought it was my migraines. I was TOLD by the doctors that it was my migraines. But, the code that was written down was for my knee, which I had surgery on almost SIX YEARS AGO now. And I played a year of college volleyball on it. When the recruiter said knee, I figured whatev, its not that big of a deal. They had to send it to Tennessee for the Naval Medical Bureau to decide. Recruiter tells me three months. No big deal. I wait it out. I go through the phase of not wanting to go. blah blah blah.

About two weeks ago, I decide I want to go, like yesterday. So, I call the recruiter. Head Recruiter, knows me, remembers me says he is going to see what's up with it. I call back the next day, they are not there, but some kid answers and says he will find out and call me back. But, he doesn't (I'm assuming he was a recruiter, just sounded really young and had no idea who I was, fair enough). But, then I call the office the next day and my recruiter answers says he has no info. I tell him I'm gonna call him every week until I know something. A week later, I try to stop by the office at 2:30, no one is there. No biggie. I go shopping for about 20-30 minutes. Come back. Nope not there. So I call the recruiters cell phone. And he answers, and I ask him if there is anything new. He says no. And I explain to him how I'm really ready to go and he doesn't seem interested. Then asks if I got a new cell phone number. Um no? I've had this phone for almost 4 years! You've called me on it! So apparently he didn't even have my number.

The only contact I've gotten from him in the last three months was of my own doing.

So the question, is it time to find a new recruiter?

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  1. I would. I would probably go and find a different recruiter, tell them what the deal is, and you are really ready to get this show on the damn road. Tell him that your other recruiter has been dragging his feet to get you information, and if he was really interested in recruiting you, he would be on the ball, and at least know your phone number. Tell him you don't want to wait another 3 months to find out if you are going or not, and if they keep dragging their feet, tell them you have no problems going Army or something (I don't know, BS it.)

    He should be able to help you, and happy to do so, especially because you really made up your mind and want to go.