09 August 2010

Misery Business...

I wish that someone, even just one person, knew how miserable I am. All. The. Time. I don't even wake up happy. There's really nothing to look forward to. Its like an endless cycle. For once, it has nothing to do with the divorce. I realized the other day, that I don't even feel that pain anymore. I'm completely over that. So that's good.

So, why am I so miserable? I really wish I could answer that. It would help me fix this issue. I do know that I am not where I thought I would be at 24, almost 25. I expected to at least have a degree by now. NOPE. But, the best I can say for myself is that I have gone back, and I DO know what I want to do for myself. At least today.

I guess I just feel lonely. I see that everyone my age (at least a lot of them) they are all out and have lives and are making lives. But, where am I, exactly? Lost? That sounds about right....


  1. I feel lost a lot too :( You're definitely not alone and I'm just down the road if you need me :)

  2. Seriously Heather, you are amazing. I wish you weren't leaving :(

  3. I'll be back!! And I'm still here if you ever want to talk!

  4. Truee story Colleen, true story. I feel that way sometimes, because of how hard it's been to find a job (and then losing it, long story..) and I don't have my degree yet either. It sucked SO much watching all my friends from back home graduate this year, and I have jack ish to show for my life right now.

    I know I'm married and all, but I get really down on myself too, when I think about how he completely supports me, and pays for everything. Then I feel like an even bigger POS because I'm not doing anything to help out. He says he doesn't care. But I care. Rawr.

    You are so not alone Colleen.