06 September 2010

look forward and never forget

I hate that I am thinking about writing a positive post, in the light of everything that is happening. But, I will never forget what has happened to my dear, dear friends. And I don't want the gravity of the situation to be forgotten.

Things have been going pretty well since I got home (aside from the tragedies that have crushed us all). I moved back home on Thursday afternoon. I had a job interview on Friday morning. It was for a TA position at the school that my aunt's have worked in for years and years. My brother did the same job a few years back. I asked for prayers for this on facebook. Only because the job is a downgrade in pay. But, it forces me to be in school. You have to be enrolled in 6 units per semester. It is a job that would force me to use my brain. Way more than the last brainless job I had.

I went for the interview. And it helped knowing that my Aunt's were friends with the teachers, it helped me relax and not be as shy. So, I went in and talked. And I guess they liked me. They hired me on the spot. But, now, I have to wait to do fingerprinting and paperwork and all that. It's not a big deal. I just hate waiting.

I'm excited. It would be helping kids (high schoolers) with their work. And when I have down time, I get to do my own work. Its a good setup.

Here's to hoping things are getting better.

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