14 September 2010

I don't like myself

I don't mean for this to sound all emo. Because it's really not supposed to. But, I'm really starting to hate myself. There are certain parts of, well me, that are holding me back from the things I really want in life. And I can't stand myself for it. More often than not, I want to cry.

And before you start in with the whole "get over it" thing. I can't. Its one of those things you can't just get over. In fact, the thought of just "getting over it" sends me into a panic.

I wish I could just do something about this. Because, tonight, is one of those bad nights where I just hate myself for this affliction.


  1. I love you. I am having one of those nights too. Life sucks and then you die is one of my favorite sayings.

    But just know you have people (like me!) who love you. Even if you hate yourself. <3

  2. Start by brainstorming three things you do really well. Stare at yourself in the mirror every day and say them to yourself over and over. (For example, "I'm a good friend.") Do this every day, and eventually you'll start to believe it. As you gain confidence, add more things to the list. It sounds cheesy, but it really works.

    And remember... God loves all of us, so if you dislike yourself you're questioning his judgment. ;)

  3. Those are no fun.. remember feelings are just a gauge of how ya feel, and can't hurt ya! Love you!!

    Stephanie <3