17 February 2010

Olympic Thoughts

I'm not a list maker. I never was. I've tried. I usually give up. So needless to say, I don't have a bucket list. Though, I want one. I added something to my imaginative bucket list today. I want to go to the Olympics one day. Not participate. That ship has long since sailed. But I want to watch. One event. Doesn't matter what event. But something. I'd prefer it to be something I am interested in. Snowboarding maybe? Gymnastics? Doesn't matter much. I just want to be there, to know what its like.

I've been addicted to the Olympics this year. I've never really been this addicted before. I've watched them. But I record them every time they are on. I can't miss it. I realized, this year, that I really love the Olympics. I love the Olympic spirit. I was watching an event (cross country skiing maybe?)  and the woman who came in like 60th or something way in the back. The announcers were so gracious. They were saying every nice thing in the world. Not once did they "oh she blew it" or "her technique is so off." They kept saying how she trained and how in Brazil she is the first woman to compete in cross country skiing. And it was so heart warming to hear them say.

That's not to say I haven't heard things that have made me cringe. I was watching men's ice skating today and an American man missed a triple something or other and did a single instead. And then instead of a quadruple something else he doubled it. After that the announcers said "he's done." Ouch. Because if I was him and I watched the playback, thats EXACTLY what I would want to hear. Right. And then waiting for his score to have them say he blew it. I do not want to be that man watching the playback tonight.

But, I'm not looking forward to the Olympics being of the air in the next like week and a half or so. I don't know what I am going to do with my spare time.

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