10 March 2010

Rest In Peace Girls

Its been a rough 15 minutes for Escondido. Amber DuBois went missing February 13, 2009. There was not a single trace of evidence. No one knew what happened. That was the scary part. It was as though someone knew. Had she walked 200 yards more, she would have been in sight of the security cameras at the high school (the same ones that were installed when i was in high school). There were all out searches, there were fundraisers, everything imaginable. But, yet nothing. February 13, 2010 came and went and there was still no more info.
And then, Chelsea King disappeared. It was all to similar. A teenage girl in San Diego disappears. And we have no info. And they looked slightly similar. Sadly, they found her body, I believe, a little less than a week after she vanished. But, they arrested someone before they found her.
This all lead to a break in Amber's case. No one will tell us who they got a tip from, but the police got a tip. And then, sadly, heartbreakingly, they found Amber's body this past Saturday. It's gut wrenching to even think about. But, Escondido police have said that they are looking into the same person that killed Chelsea.
I hate this. I'm sure everyone here does. We hate that ONE man has been able to tear our community apart in such a way. Women here are being very careful around here. Most of us have gotten pepper spray. We spend the time being very aware of where we are. I hate that these little girls had to suffer. This man is disgusting. And I hate him.
Rest in Peace Girls.


  1. and now I realized why I had no idea about Amber DuBois or who she was... i had just had a baby 2 days prior and didn't watch the news for a good month

  2. Does it surprise anyone that that the Amber Dubois disappearance case (Escondido, CA) has no one in custody for the crime and the Chelsea King case (Rancho Bernardo, CA) has a convicted sex offender awaiting trial. Could it be where they happened to die or that the one family is poor and the other affluent. Is anyone surprised that the Amber Dubois family, knowing the history of the Escondido Police went and hired a private investigator who passed along information as to where the body was ultimately found. We all remember the Stephanie Crowe Murder Case where the Escondido Police Department falsely accused her brother Michael Crowe and forced confessions (as a 01/15/2010, Michael Crowe, won a case against Escondido PD). Could it be that the criminal is a member of the Escondido Police Department and all of them are protecting their own (like the Catholic Church) and that’s why they originally said she was a runaway to deflect additional searches. Could it be that the police are just following “Escondido City Council“ (Gang of Three – Marie Waldron, Sam Abed and Ed Gallo)orders to chase around un-document workers and not do their job of protecting and serving the residents of Escondido. It kind of makes you wonder if the “Gang of three” has ask the police to formally or informally investigate potential or future political opponents, it makes you wonder doesn’t it. Of course it could be that Escondido Police Department is filled with incompetent dullards who love taking steroids in their attempts to look like their body builder heroes. The only thing I can say for sure is there is something wrong here.

  3. ^^ ya think he said "could it be" enough?