23 January 2010


It must be time to build an ark and gather the animals two by two. Or wait, I think we're too late once the rain has started to come. It has been insane in California this week. At final count, according to our backyard rain gauge, there was a little above 6 inches of rain. In a week. In California. That's a lot. Most Californians don't know what to do in the rain. Its comical. At work, on Thursday, we had what can only be described as a small lake out front. Our entertainment for the day was watching patients arrive and try to figure out how to not step in the puddle (hint: it was next to impossible). I was waiting for someone to slide down the hood of their car. It didn't happen, at least not while I was there.
The rain started on Saturday and went through the week. I saw the last of the showers last night around 11 or 12. That's 6 days of rain. And I'm okay with that. I could actually stand for it to rain another week or so. Some of the winds were pretty intense too. Usually about 45-50 mph. One night, the news said someone reported a gust at 86 mph!! Thats a little crazy, especially for California. The wind actually got the best of us. And we ended up with a tree in our backyard:

But, we have amazing neighbors, and the moment the rain stopped they had a tree cutting company out. They weren't able to do it today, as you can imagine there are trees down all over the city. But they were on it so fast. It was really kind of nice.
I also caught the flu this week. It wasn't really a bad week to get sick thought. And, thankfully, it wasn't too bad. I slept for like two days though. Cabin fever got the best of me. So on Wednesday night, Melissa and I went down to the beach. It was crazy 20-25ft waves. We went into a parking lot right on the beach. In 10 minutes it was flooded. I couldn't see in front of me driving home. But, in my defense it wasn't raining at all when we left the house.

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