16 January 2010

Ch- Ch- Ch- Changes!

Huge changes in store for my life. I don't want to share exactly what, because its not for sure yet. I don't even know how possible it is. I've taken baby steps towards the ultimate goal. I'm very excited to even have this be a possibility. Its kind of like, I didn't totally screw up my life. Any prayers, good thoughts, whatever it is that you do, would be wonderful. But of course, I only wish for prayers for God's will and not mine.

I visited S on Thursday night. I fell in love with Pomona. Its such a cute little town. We went to Claremont for dinner and drinks. Strongest. Margarita. Ever. I don't know how I made it through the first one, honestly. And yes, I said first one. There were two. I figured, might as well. The Patron only burns for so long. But aside from the drinking, its really nice to be able to just get away, even for literally 12 hours. Sometimes, I just need a break. I'm around my parents always, and I love them, it just becomes too much after a while. I drove up there Thursday night and got there about 830 and I left Friday at 9 am. It was so fun.

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