13 January 2010

3 Years ago- Why I hate January 13th

3 years ago was a huge day in my life. I got married. For, what is apparently, the first time. I despise today. And I will. Forever. Okay, at least until I am happy and in a steady relationship. Or, at least, just for this year I'll hate it.

But, I'm different. I'm totally different. I'm a new person. I know who that person is this time. I'm a little country girl. I am. I know that sounds weird, from a girl from Cali. But, its the truth. Its when I'm happiest. I want to move to Texas. I want to live in a small town. I want to do me. And that's what I am doing. I am doing me.

I have more fun. I don't sit around anymore. That's all I did. It was boring. I'm a much better person because of this. And I will take it :)

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