07 May 2010

Mystery of God

God works in the most mysterious ways sometimes. As you can tell, I've been very angry with Chris lately. It's just a lot to get over for me. I'm angry with how it all went down. I'm happy without him, don't get me wrong. But, the anger I have about it, it's incredible.

So, on Sunday at church one of the topics mentioned was divorce. It struck a bit of a chord. And I hated it. So, I put in a prayer request, to get over my anger and to forgive him. I expected a prayer and that was all. God. Works. In. Mysterious. Ways. I got a phone call today. From a man from my church. He said he got my prayer request and was following up and wanted to pray with me. We talked for a minute. I told him how everything was fine, until about the last month of the last deployment, and things got bad and fast. I told him how (I am sure) he cheated on me. And that Chris is a Marine. The man was a Marine for 17 years. And, while his story is not mine to tell, he wants me to sit down with his wife. He feels that she would be a good resource for me to talk with. I can't wait!

God is amazing. He said that Pastor Chico walked in and told him to call #2 on the list to check-up. I was that person. They had no idea, until I talked to him, that Chris was a Marine. They had no idea the circumstances of the divorce. They knew my age, my name and that I am (now) a regular attender of the church. I feel like this whole thing is a blessing. I've never felt more welcome at a church. This is definitely Home.


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