24 May 2010

two/eleven photography

So my best friend (one slice of the pie... or .7853...) is not only an amazing mother. But, she is also an amazing photographer. She wanted to try some new locations (and to be honest, I think she was just itching to shoot! lol) so she forcibly took me out today. She is amazing, I swear I'm not photogenic, and she made me look amazing.
2/11 is her son's birthday. And thus two/eleven photography was born as well. Check her out. If you need anyone, go to her! I promise, its a good plan.

I LOVE this one. She told me to do whatever, "be sexy or something." So this was me pretending I knew what sexy was. And it was just too funny. It makes being 24 look like fun though. And I feel like an adult.

She says she didn't edit my hair. So much more red was left in my hair! I had no idea! And my eyes <3

No other description needed

And this one, well its my absolute favorite so far :)

Thank you again Ashley!! I absolutely had a blast with you today. I seriously think that some of these came out this good because you get me so well. You know how to make me laugh.

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  1. Awww thank you thank you!
    I do know you really well and I think that really helps me to be able to capture you and your personality =)
    ps- I was totes just itching to shoot lol