30 April 2011

Royal Reality

Yesterday I got up to watch the Royal wedding. It's not like I've had an obsession or anything, but I knew that this would be history and I felt the need to do it. I wasn't sure if I would actually feel like getting up at 3 am, and I most certainly was not getting up any earlier, so I DVR'd the wedding on two channels. It's kind of a good thing I did because I turned the TV on as Catherine was getting in the car. I felt like I had missed a lot, but I saw the important part live.
The whole concept is overwhelming. Catherine is a commoner (which in and of itself is a hard concept for an American to grasp). But, 29 years ago Catherine was born. A year prior Princess Diana married Prince Charles- who was in love with Camilla Bowles, but she was "unsuitable." When Catherine was born, commoners did not marry royalty. The fact that Common Catherine is now Catherine Duchess of Cambridge is huge.
I realize that this does not directly affect me. But, the Royal family is known world wide. And it really is a huge piece of history. And an heir to the throne will not be married now for another 20-30 years. Which means if you missed this one- darn!
Americans have nothing to compare this to. That's what is sad. We have no family that has been historically significant for any amount of time.
But, who could be in Catherine's shoes right now? Would that not be some serious pressure? I personally would not. That is a lot of work. And she looks perfect every time she steps outside. I rarely look "perfect."
But, there is a reality of this whole thing. I've been very intrigued by it all, watching how it came to be and learning some. But then, I realize that I have to come down to reality. And, it hit me today. America is pretty uncouth. It's annoying.
But it also made me see that, I'm 25 years old and it's time for life to start. And it hasn't. It should have started a while ago (oh wait, it did!). And yea, I'm back in school, but I feel no closer to finishing than when I started a year ago. And I haven't been dating. Yes, it was a conscious decision, but now it isn't. And I've made the attempt. But, it isn't.
It's not that I want to have this high profile, expensive wedding that is seen around the world and get a royal title out of it. The point is, I see these two people (whether royal or not) who have been successful and it makes my life feel- stalled.
The Royal Reality of it all is there was this giant royal wedding and it was seen all around the world. And now we all have to go back to real life. Although, I see some girls struggling with that part and continuing to be stuck wishing to be a royal princess.
Not me, I do not want to be a princess- planning that wedding would suck.

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  1. haha, yeah I don't know. I wouldn't want to truly be a princess because of the responsibility. And there is a lot. But on that same token it would give you the chance to help and touch a lot of people. I guess if I hadn't already found my prince, I would honestly date anyone that my heart felt kindred to, but I wouldn't go out of my way to look for a real "prince" so to speak. For me it was all about the history, the fashion and the love angle!! I'm happy where I am in life. No need to be a princess. But if I wasn't happy and was still looking, it would be a wonderful dream :)