12 April 2011

JACC- Part 1

My toes are trying their hardest to defrost, and I've been inside and warm for over two hours now.

I'm in Sacramento, CA for a journalism convention (JACC) and it is freezing. I spent tonight watching the Sacramento River Cats, their minor league baseball team. And then I had to write a story on the game. The main goal is to learn more about journalism and what we need to know. The school paid for us to go- all but $100.

Journalistically its been a great experience. Socially- eh. We all know I have social anxiety, so getting here was a bit of a task. With the Southwest issues going on lately, there was a part of me that hoped that my flight would get cancelled. It didn't. So, then it was me wondering if I really wanted to come. I didn't. But, I'm here. Sitting in the airport, I was by myself for a long time.

I'm getting along with most of the people on our staff, but I still feel slightly awkward. There have been a few issues that have come up. There is a part of me that is fighting with myself, trying to decide if I should post the issue. But, for now, I'm not going to. Let me sit on it a while and cool down from the anger, and then we'll see what happens.

I'm learning a lot. I went to a social media lecture today. But because of the aforementioned issues, I went to the wrong one. But,  this one was pretty entertaining. It was exciting to get to see the real world applications of these things!

Interspersed with the conference are competitions, on-the spot competitions. We have to write articles, quite literally, on the spot. It wasn't too bad. A bit stressful. Though, it was worse writing my lead and deleting it. Then writing it, and deleting it. And over and over and over. The problem was, we had an hour. I was still deleting my lead when people were getting up because they had finished. I now understand how stressful that is (typically, I'm one of the first done with everything).

This was actually supposed to be published on Friday- and it never did. So here it is now.

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