21 November 2010

Time goes by, so slowly

I once heard that Madonna song on an airplane. It was on one of those flights with the TV screen in front of you? It was a red-eye to Florida with my mom and Aunt. And this was the first song that came on whenever I turned on the music station. It was probably the worst song on a plane.

 I've never slept well on planes. Even on my way home from Hawaii the first time. It was a red eye. And I just cried. I was 15 I think. And I just wanted to get where I was going. I wanted to sleep and I didn't feel well.

That is kind of where my life is right now. I know where I am going, but the flight there feels like forever.

I'm probably putting way too much stock in this move. But, I feel like my new life will start there. Even if I end up moving back to California, life is going to start out there. Or at least, I hope.

The move is only about nine months away. And it can't get here sooner. I'm so afraid that it is going to drag on.

When the plane lands, it is always my favorite part. One time, the plane literally bounced twice when I landed. So, when is this plane going to land?

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