15 April 2010

Playing Catch Up

Well Hello Bloggers. I've missed you. Its been like 10 days Sad. I'm sorry. Its been busy. And I'm even going to include pictures here! It was worth the wait, wasn't it? I know. I'm worth it. Ha!

So I went to MEPs last Wednesday (April 7th). I know I was worried about making weight. At the time of my last post, what I didn't know was that they also go by BMI. And as far as BMI is concerned I can still get fatter. Haha but, no fear. I have no intention what-so-ever of doing that. Everything went really well. Until, they found out about my migraines. Now, let me clarify something. I get them, sure. However, I hadn't had one for THREE YEARS when I started taking birth control and got the Gardasil shot. My doctor and I have sat down and extensively gone over a plan to control them. And when I got off the birth control. Surprise, they were gone. So, I thought it was a done deal, and that was the end and I wasn't going to get in. But I still have a chance, I have my medical records and I am going to take them to the recruiter next week. So, when I know more, I will share more- like always.
The scary thing, though, was that they told me that they had a job already aside for me and I was leaving in two weeks. Dude, I did NOT approve this. It scared me a little bit.

Last week was Gleek week. I know, we're ridiculous right? Its funny. But, for the first time in as long as I can remember I have been able to be myself. I have made a point to surround myself ONLY with people that I can do just that and feel comfortable. And I'm learning (slowly) to step out of my comfort zone and realize that it is OK to embarrass myself. I've never really been a fan of doing that. But I'm getting there.
So my friends and I (Ashley and Justine) spent all week preparing for the spring premiere of Glee. Ashley made us amazing T-shirts!
 Though, of course, my mom wanted to know why I'm the only one in Team Finn. I told her so I didn't have to share him. Duh. Ashley, you did an amazing job! Thank you!
And for posterity,
Little man got in the way taking the picture <3
The three of us together are amazing. There is never a dull moment. Best line of the night? "Want some juice in your juice? I can put my box in a box for you." She claims she was sober... lol

Anyways, thats mostly what's been going on. I know this isn't my best post ever. I'm slightly off my game lately. And I haven't wanted to post what happened at MEPs this week. And I'm finally okay telling the story.

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