18 December 2010

Escondido Police Force Doing Their Jobs???

This isn't the first time I have seen the Escondido Police Force react in this way. I am starting to lose my faith in them....

On December 18, 2010 we called the Police Department to report six drunk teenagers at the Iceoplex in Escondido. The Police promptly came to the scene and asked two friends and I to identify the teens, who had also been talking about driving home. When my friends and I were unable to identify them in less than a minute... we were told that they would inform the staff to call them if there was a problem. My friend then told the responding officers that she had already informed the staff and they did not seem to mind. The officer said he would talk to them himself. His conversation with the staff member consisted of "call us if you need us" but did not inform the staff member what the issue was. The officers then left.

We know that there has been an influx of teenage driving deaths lately and see the matter as important. Unfortunately it seems that our police force does not.

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